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Adaptive Value Chains

Climate change will continue to influence the quality, quantity and availability of food produced across the globe. Understanding how it will impact the value chain — from inputs to consumers — could assist businesses to make decisions to address these impacts. The Adaptive Value Chains project is aimed at developing this understanding. 

The Adaptive Value Chains project was led by CSIRO and carried out in close collaboration with The University of Queensland and University of Tasmania. The project was supported by funding from the Australian Government. Research was conducted over a three year period from 2013 to 2016 and involved a range of activities. Explore the final summary report and the pages below to find out more. 


Rice Harvest Willem van Aken BU5108

Why value chains?

Climate change is significantly impacting the entire value chain of the agrifood sector and is predicted to continue to influence the quality, quantity and availability of food produced around the world.

Grapevine Willem van Aken

Case study approach

To better understand the impacts of climate change on supply chains, several case studies were completed on different food products.

Supermarket Car Davies BP3635

Consumer perspectives of adaptation

As part of the Adaptive Value Chains project, a study was conducted to better understand current Australian attitudes and behaviours related to climate change and consumer perceptions of climate adaptation with...

Harvesting wheat John Coppi BU4413

Environmental analysis for adaptive value chains

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was carried out for each the case study products. The aim of the assessment was to provide strategic insights relevant for the purpose of the study,...

Lightning Robert Kerton EM1459

Australian adaptation futures

Uncertainty surrounding future projections and a lack of contextual information for strategic planning are perceived as major barriers by businesses to taking adaptive action. Therefore, it is important for research assessing...

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Here you will find a range of outputs resulting from the Adaptive Value Chains research project, plus links to further information. 

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The Project Team

The Adaptive Value Chains project brings together a diverse group of researchers from the CSIRO, The University of Queensland and the University of Tasmania.

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Working with us

The Adaptive Value Chains project continues to evolve, building on the foundational exploratory work conducted in 2013-2016. Our next steps for 2017 include: 

Image credits: Why value chains: CSIRO: Photographer: Willen van Aken, Case study approach: CSIRO, Photographer: Willem van Aken, Consumer perspectives of adaptation: CSIRO: Photographer: Carl Davies, Env. Analysis for adaptive value chains: CSIRO: Photographer: John Coppi, Australian adaptation futures: CSIRO: Photographer: Robert Kerton, Working with us: CSIRO: Photogrpaher: Lilly Lim-Camacho