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Adaptive Value Chains

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was carried out for each the case study products. The aim of the assessment was to provide strategic insights relevant for the purpose of the study, with the focus on carbon and water footprints.

The assessment covered the full product life cycle including:

  • manufacturing
  • upstream processes (including farming inputs such as fertiliser, the production of other food ingredients, packaging components, and transportation)
  • downstream processes (distribution, retailing, disposal of wastes)
  • production of important inputs (fuels, electricity, etc.)

The study adopted a process-LCA based approach (ISO 14040/44).  Calculations were based on the data provided by case study participants. The type of data provided included:

  • production locations
  • distance and mode of transportation
  • energy and water use
  • wastes generated per unit of production

Dr Brad Ridoutt, alongside the adaptive value chains team, has published the results of this analysis in an open-access paper: Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in the Food Industry—Insights from Product Carbon and Water Footprints