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Adaptive Value Chains

Tips to guide you on the use of the Climate Chains tool are described here.

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Adding a collaborator

Climate Chains account holders are able to invite new members to join. This enables multiple users to collaborate across products and supply chains.

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Product list

Below is the full list of product categories (bold text) and product components that are available for you to choose from when entering your supply chain information.

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Supply chain stages explained

A description of each supply chain stage available for selection in Climate Chains is provided below.

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Weather events explained

Below is a brief explanation of the weather events and climatic changes available for you to choose from, when rating impacts on your supply chain.

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Assessing the impacts

Guidance is provided below on rating the impacts of weather events and climatic changes on your supply chain.

Image credits: Adding a collaborator: CSIRO; Photographer: Willem van Aken, Product list: CSIRO, Supply chain stages explained: CSIRO; Photographer: Carl Davies, Weather events explained: CSIRO; Photographer: Robert Kerton, Assessing the impacts: CSIRO; Photographer: Willem van Aken